Cottage Cheese Sponge Cake
Cottage Cheese Sponge Cake

Cottage Cheese Sponge Cake

Today we want to show you a perfect recipe to combine with your coffee, tea, or juice… It is delicious for breakfast, dessert, or teatime!


200 g of curd

3 large eggs (separating the whites from the yolks)

180 g of sugar

150 cl of extra virgin olive oil

The juice of one lemon

The peel of one lemon

A few drops of anise

350 g of flour

A pinch of salt

1 sachet of baking powder (16 g)

A handful of hazelnuts


1- In a large bowl, mix the curd with the yolks of the eggs.

2- Then add the sugar and mix to get a very soft dough.

3- Add the lemon juice, the zest, the oil, and the anise.

4- Beat the egg whites and add them to the bowl with wrapping movements.

5- Add the flour, the salt, and the yeast.

6- Pour the mixture into a mold, sprinkle with a little sugar on top and bake at 180° C for 35 ‘- 40’ or checking with a toothpick until dry.

7- Let it cool, add some caramelized nuts on top and eat it as a “dessert” or snack!


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