Cod with fig jam

Learn how to make a cod with fig jam quickly and easily!


2 loins of salted cod, about 175 g each
2 yellow peppers of approximately 200 g each
A Romanesque
Mixture of spices
1 grain of garlic
Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Priorat Natur
A pinch of salt
Priorat Natural fig jam
Bread toast
Sweet red pepper flakes


Put the pepper in a microwave-safe silicone container
Pour approximately half a glass of water into the container
Cover and microwave for 14 minutes
Once the pepper is cooked, let it cool down, remove the skin and the stalk, cut it into strips
Do the same with the other pepper
Put some pieces of romaine in a microwave-safe silicone container with about half a glass of water
Cover the container and cook for 4 minutes
Peel and mince the garlic clove
Put the two salted cod loins in a microwave-safe container with a bottom
Pour over a drop of wine
Sprinkle some of the spice mixture over the cod
Place the minced garlic on top of the cod
Pour a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil over the cod
Cook in the microwave for minutes
When serving, place the pepper strips at the base of the plate
Add pepper strips to a cod loin
Around the cod some pieces of Romanesque
Put a few spoonfuls of fig jam on top of the cod
Place some toasted bread on the plate
Pour a drizzle of Extra Virgin olive oil over it
Scatter some sweet red pepper flakes
Salt the pieces of Romanesque

Recipe and photos: @oido_cocina_javier

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