Fig Jam

IDEAL TO… eat with cheese, foie or to use it for your salads. This is an artisan, natural, and high quality jam that you will love. Delicious local figs peeled by hand, sugar, lemon, and a lot of love, this is our secret to prepare the perfect jam!

100% natural

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7,70  iva incl.

Ingredients: fig, sugar, and lemon.

Presentation: 250 g glass jar.

Shelf life: 36 months.

100% natural product. No preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Please store in a cool, dry and room temperature environment for best shelf-life results. Once opened, store between 5º and 8ºC.

We prepare the fruit peeling it by hand, because that is the only way to not to alter flavors or textures. Then we macerate the figs with lemon juice and sugar, and we cook over low heat and in small quantities (about 120 jars per cooking) to ensure the perfect doneness in each batch of fruit. Once cooked, we quickly pack it in jars to ensure preservation.

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