“Neus” Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

IDEAL FOR… vegetables, meat, fish, or salad. It can turn a carpaccio into an even more tasty dish.

It is a fruity and smooth oil that will give a delicious touch to your dishes. Its intensity combined with its sweetness, offer aromas reminiscent of banana, apple, tomato, and nuts.

Now available in 100ml bottles, ideal to travel.


100% natural

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16,60  iva incl.

Nonfiltered extra virgin olive oil, picked up completely by hand from the tree.

Ingredients: 100% arbequina local olive.

Presentation: 500ml dark glass bottle, 350ml and 100ml clear glass bottle.

Shelf life: 18 months.

100% natural product. No preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep away from direct natural light and hot temperatures for best shelf-life results.


 Neus olive oil stands out for its positive attributes, such as its fruity taste in the mouth and its fruity aroma in the nose. Plenty of vegetal aromas reminiscent of banana, apple, tomato, and nuts, especially almonds. It is also sweet on the palate, and lightly and concealedly spicy and bitter. It is a complex and balanced olive oil.

One begins with the trees, looked after from flowering until the optimum ripeness of the olives. They are cold pressed the same night after the day that they were collected by hand.

The oil is kept in sealed containers in the dark at a temperature of about 15ºC to preserve in this way flavour and eliminate any impurities which could cause it to go stale. After two months it is bottled according to demand without being filtered.

What recipes can you make with this product?

Orange Cake
Black Olive Salad
Priorat Natur Stuffed Tomatoes


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