Quince Paste with Orange

Quince Paste with Orange is ideal to…eat it with cheese and foie. Perfect to make your salad more special.

Our quince paste with orange is based in a traditional recipe and made with the best local quince. With the orange we make it more genuine and fresher.

You will love it!

100% natural
sense gluten

Des de: 6,95 

Ingredients: quince, sugar, orange pulp, and lemon.

Allergens: No gluten. May contain traces of nuts.

Presentation: 325 g and 2750 g PET.

Shelf life: 13 months.

100% natural product. No preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Room temperature. Once opened, store in refrigerator.


We select the quinces to make sure we use the best quality ones for our paste. After cleaning and scalding them, we blend them and mix it with the sugar, the oranges, and the lemon juice in a big pot. We boil these four ingredients for just the right amount of time to obtain an excellent quince jam, reddish in color and with a pleasant taste and texture in the mouth.

Once ready, we pack it hot at a controlled temperature and seal it.

What recipes can you make with this product?

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