25 anys!

25 Years of Priorat Natur!

It has already been two decades since we started! It is incredible to think that 20 years ago we founded Priorat Natur, just with three minds and three hearts that loved our land, the Priorat region, and admired its traditions and its way of living, so natural and simple.

Three friends that were born in this land of exceptional fruits, and that grew up enjoying natural and artisanal products, elaborated by their mothers and grandmothers according to the season, to take advantage of everything that the land offered: jams, caramelized nuts, olives…

It is with deep respect for our traditions together with commitment to the best produce of our land, conscientious, constant and innovative work, and the illusion and the ambition to reach the best cuisines in the world that we have achieves our dream: Priorat Natur.

Since then, with a great deal of work and enthusiasm —the type of enthusiasm that allows you to dream ever higher— we have created new products and we have reached the best stores and cuisines of the world. Being present in more than 20 countries around the world, we have opened a shop on our own in order to reach our clients more directly and share with them our lifestyle.

However, we know that we would have never got here without all the people who trusted us at the beginning and helped us to get started. These 20 years are not only ours, they are also made up of every little dose of trust that each client has given to us over all these years. Because our company is formed by the people that work and collaborate in it; and it is thanks to their involvement and commitment that today Priorat Natur can chart its own path with no limits.

This year we celebrate 20 years, but we still have a long way to go, always maintaining our spirit, illusion and motivation to keep working hard as we have always done, and continue turning our small dream into a big company. 

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