Pleret Dolç Blanc



Pleret Dolç Blanc

Pleret Dolç Blanc. Buil & Giné. Sweet Wine from DOQ Priorat.

This wine comes from a late wine harvest.
In the years prior to the Phylloxera, when every piece of land in the region was planted with vineyards, and simply because people could not cope with the work, the harvest finished late and naturally, the last wines were sweet. 
We are very proud of it.

25,20 €

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 round, smooth, sweet, very pleasant and fresh at the same time. A very special wine. 

 Llicorella (slate from the Carboniferous Period). 

 sugared wine, fresh and mature. Very special, with a very balanced level of sweetness. It can be combined with cheeses and foie, with appetizers and dry fruits. It is perfect, daring and amazing combined with pumpkin or mushroom creams. With regard to desserts, we have to choose not excessively sweet desserts. Combinations with raisins or figs. The most appropriate ways of cooking: very simple options and raw food. Moderate sweets.

 between 6º and 8ºC. 

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