Nosis. Buil & Giné. White wine from DO Rueda.

It is the avant-grade of our wines. It shows how we can adapt ourselves using the latest technical knowledge in order to make great wines and improve the ones we already have. In both cases, we use very expressive and aromatic varieties (Verdejo and Grenache) that had very short life when they were used to elaborate young and brutish wines. However, thanks to new technologies, we are able to make more fruity and long-lived wines.

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 dry white wine, fresh and very fruity. 

 Terraces over the Duero River. Sandy loam with rocks on its first horizon and clay loam on its second one. 

 fresh white wine, dry and very fruity. Complex. With nuances of tropical fruits, such as pineapple, mango and passion fruit. Very balanced in mouth and at the same time, very intense in nose. It can be combined with white fish dishes, seafood and blue fish. Really refreshing when accompanied by all kinds of appetizers. Perfect with rice. The most appropriate ways of cooking: grilled and backed fish. It is amazing when served with smoked food. Ideal with rice dishes with fish.

 between 10º and 14ºC. 

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