Pleret. Buil & Giné. Red wine from DOQ Priorat.

“Pleret” is a Catalan word that means “to enjoy something a lot at a slow pace, step by step”.

This is our proposal: once open, this wine allows us to discover and enjoy lots of sensations and aromas “in a pleret way”. An authentic experience that takes us to the essence of Priorat and of its old vineyards.

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 dry red wine, complex because of the combination of the aromas extracted from the grape and the wood. Mature. Very elegant and mineral. 

 Llicorella (slate from the Carboniferous Period). 

 very elegant wine, mineral, “grenachish” and with structure. It combines with meat, fish, salads with forest fruits, jams and soya bean. Perfect with mi-cuit. Also with sweet and non-citrus desserts such as nougat, coulant, etc. The most appropriate ways of cooking: we highlight its perfect match with the modern cuisine with sweet and salty contrast, caramelized onion, soya bean, compotes, chocolate sauces, etc

Varieties of grapes: Garnacha Tinta, Carignan wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot wine.

Each grape variety is fermented separately. The maceration is long and is done at a temperature between 26 and 28ºC. Afterwards, the malolactic fermentation takes place. Once finished, it grows in new French oak barrels (85 90%) and American oak (the rest) for about 10 14 months depending on the vintage. The coupage is made, bottled and aged in bottle a minimum of 6 8 months.

 between 16º and 18ºC. 

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