Joan Giné Negre



Joan Giné Negre

Joan Giné Negre. Buil & Giné. Red wine from DOCa Priorat
This is our star wine. The perfect representation of Buil & Giné.A sufficiently important wine to take the name of our grandfather: Joan Giné. It has significant international recognition, mainly due to its excellent quality/price ratio.

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 dry red wine, complex because of the combination of the aromas extracted from the grape and the wood. Well-structured, persistent, full, voluptuous and long. 

 Llicorella (slate from the Carboniferous Period). 

 structured wine, persistent, full, voluptuous and long. Great to combine with red meats, and in general, with foods high in protein. Also with certain aged cheeses and foie.

Grape varieties: Blavk grenache, Carignan wine and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Varieties, from selected vineyards of low production, are made separately at a controlled temperature between 26º C and 28º C. The maceration is long, about 24 days. Afterwards, the malolactic fermentation takes place, the varieties are mixed and introduced into the barrels. The aging takes about 12 months and is done in French and American oak barrels at a controlled temperature of 1

 between 16º and 18ºC.

*It is recommended to decant this wine for a while before drinking it. 

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