Arbequina Spread "olivada"

IDEAL to...pasta, fish or meet. This product is managable to do a lot of canapes. 

This is a traditional Catalan Spread. Our Arbequina “Olivada” will live up any sandwich, cracker or fresh vegetable. You can use it to combine with fish, pasta, salads and anchovies, or just to make wonderful canapés. You will be amazed at the results!

Our paste is based on our Arbequina olives. All are natural ingredients. They are made using traditional methods to get a paste full of personality and taste.

 Enjoy it !



  • 135 gr

    135 gr

3,70 €

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Ingredients: arbequina olives, salt and olive oil.

100% natural product.

No preservatives or artificial flavors.

Presentation: Glass jars of 135 grams

Shelf Life: 24months. 

Storage Instructions: Please store in an ambient temperature environment for best shelf life results. Once opened put on the fridge.

Our olives are selected and cleaned. We take out the bone and we crush them. We mix the olive paste together with olive oil and salt until we get a paste full of personality and taste. When the paste is ready we put in jars. To guarantee the flavour and long life we pasteurise it in a Bain-Marie.

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