Black Olives Salad

It is a simple and delicious salad. It is perfect as a snack or “tapa”, as well as ideal to share at the same table. A secret: the longer it macerates, the more delicious it is.


1 jar of black olives (scion variety) 220 g.

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1 sweet or spicy onion (as you prefer)

Neus extra virgin olive oil

Wine vinegar



It is very easy to prepare.

1 Place the black olives into a bowl.

2 Dice the red pepper, the green pepper and the onion into small pieces and mix them together with the black olives.

3 Add a pinch of salt and a good dash of oil and wine vinegar. Then, stir well so that all the ingredients are well-coated with oil and vinegar.

You can eat it immediately. However, it will be much more delicious the next day or if you let it macerate a few hours.

Keep it in the fridge.

Use a small plate if you want to serve the dish as a “tapa”, but if you want to prepare it as a dish to share at the same table, you better use a large tray.

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