Pairing: Priorat Natur's jams with goat and sheep cheeses


Priorat Natur’s Tomato jam

Priorat Natur’s Pumpkin jam

Priorat Natur’s Fig confiture

Selection of cheeses 


Our natural jams and confitures are ideal for pairing with goat and sheep cheese. In this case, we have chosen Tomato jam, Pumpkin jam and Fig confiture and a selection of sheep and goat cheeses (a cured sheep cheese, a cured goat cheese and a blue goat cheese).  You can serve them as you can see in the picture or, if you prefer it, you can serve some bread in order to place the cheese and the jam on it, and make it even more delicious!

 Taste this quick and easy recipe and discover an irresistible way of eating our artisanal jams!

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