Quince Paste with orange

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  • Quince paste skewer with duck ham
  • Quince Paste with orange

    IDEAL WITH... for foie-gras.  It is paired with cheese and bred. You can make fantastic salads cutting little pieces of quince paste in it. Combine also with nuts or even with some meat for cooking.

    Taste our artisanal Quince Paste elaborated according to an ancient recipe. This delicious product, which is 100% natural and handmade, has a granulate texture and has been produced in a balanced way, preserving the real flavor of the fruit. This wonderful Quince paste will take you back on time to the origins of the region. 

    100% Natural product.


    • 325 gr

      325 gr

    • 2,750 kg

      2,750 kg

    4,90 €

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    INGREDIENTS: quince fruit, sugar,  lemon and orange.

    No gluten. 100% natural product. No preservatives or artificial flavors.

    PRESENTATION: Pet 325gr

    SHELF LIFE:13 months. 

    STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Please store in an ambient temperature environment for best self life results. Once open put it into the fridge.

    Priorat Natur TRADITIONAL QUINCE PASTE  WITH ORANGE been produced in a traditional method following age-old recipes from the Priorat Region. The fruit has been carefully selected, to which sugar cane has been added to the pulp, along with lemon juice and oranges, which enhances excellent quality of this traditional product which is characteristic by its coarse texture and rich flavour. Once it is ready, we pack it in a plastic tray with vacuum system to preserve the product in better quality.

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