Roasted red pepper jam

IDEAL TO…pair with different types of cheese; fresh cheese, semi-cured cheese or cured cheese. It can also be paired with a toast with anchovies.

This marmalade will not leave you indifferent.

Enjoy this different and original jam that will help you give that special touch to your plates!


  • 250g


6,20 €

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INGREDIENTS: roasted red pepper and sugar

No gluten. 100% natural product. No preservatives or artificial flavors.

PRESENTATION: Glass jars of 250g

SHELF LIFE: 36 months

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Please store in an ambient temperature environment for best shelf-life results. Once open put it into the fridge. 

Red peppers are roasted at a low temperature until they are soft. Then, they are peeled by hand; removing their skins and their seeds. Once ready, they are chopped up and cooked them at a low temperature with sugar. Only small quantities are cooked (120 jars at a time) to guarantee the exact time for each fruit. Then, the mixture is grinded. It is immediately put into jars and punt into a Bain- Marie to guarantee preservation. 

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