Apricot & cinnamon confiture

IDEAL WITH... bread and also to combine with cheese or some meat as duck.

Enjoy our apricot jam, elaborated with this dried fruit from the area, sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and a little lemon juice.100% fruit and 100% natural.

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  • 250 gr

    250 gr

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INGREDIENTS: Apricot & cinnamon, sugar and lemon.

No gluten. 100% natural product. No preservatives or artificial flavors.

PRESENTATION: Glass jars of 250 grams (dry)

SHELF LIFE: 36 months. 

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Please store in an ambient temperature environment for best shelf life results. Once open put it into the fridge.

The fruit is pealed and stoned by hand, this is the only way to not alter the taste nor the textures. Then it is chopped up with sugar and lemon juice only moments before cooking. Only small quantities are cooked on a slow heat (120 jars at a time) to guarantee the exact time for each fruit. It is immediately put into jars and put into a Bain-Marie to guarantee preservation.

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