Pumpkin Comfiture

IDEAL TO..combine with cheese. It is very unique to take it with foie-gras or spicy chorizo.

Usually it is used to make cakes or catalan “pastissets”

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  • 275 gr

    275 gr

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INGREDIENTS: Pumpkin (cultivated by Priorat Natur) and other farmers of the region, sugar, lemon and cinnamon.

No gluten. 100% natural product. No preservatives or artificial flavors.

PRESENTATION: Glass jars of 275 grams

SHELF LIFE: 36 months. 

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Please store in an ambient temperature environment for best shelf life results. Once open put it into the fridge.

The pumpkin is broken up and boiled over a low heat to extract the pulp and separate the seeds and the tendrils.(This has to be done by hand). Then the pulp is cooked with the rest of the ingredients, bottled and the cinnamon is stirred in separately. It is immediately put into jars and put into a Bain-Marie to guarantee preservation.

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