Marcona Salted Almonds 2Kg

IDEAL FOR... noshing on but you can also use them on salads, cooking or baking.

 Marcona almonds are known as the chef’s choice in almonds. It is the most appreciate kind of almond due to its great taste, and texture.  We just fry our wonderful marcona almond with a good point of salt to get an excellent and natural product.

Try it and you will fall in love with.

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INGREDIENTS: Marcona almonds (16 mm ) and salt.

100% natural product. No preservatives or artificial flavors.

PRESENTATION: Glass jars of 120 , 180 and 420 grams with vacuum system.

Food Service size: 500gr  and 2kg in plastic bags with vacuum system.

SHELF LIFE: 18 months.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Please store in a cool, dry and ambient temperature environment for best shelf life results.

We select the almonds choosing the bigger size (14-16mm) and the best quality, we pile. We toast them and we add salt in pans of 2 kg of nuts, once they are cold we immediately pack them on jars or plastic bags with the vacuum system.

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