Neus Especial Extra Virgin Olive Oil

IDEAL FOR… having it with a bread toast or a salad. It also can be used for meat or fish.

Enjoy this extra virgin olive from the earliest harvest of the year! An olive oil to fall in love with... Fresh, green, dense, fruity, sweet and with a spicy end. 

Extra Virgin Neus Especial is a limited production olive oil. It is the result of the first cold pressing of the greenest olives from the Priorat region. 

The presentation of the Neus Especial oil can be in a dark or transparent bottle.


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Ingredients: 100 % green Arbequina olive from our plantations

Gluten-free product

Consumption: It is better to consume raw, it is ideal for a toast or a salad, also for meat and fish.

Recommendations: It is preferable to consume it as soon as possible to fully enjoy the excellence of its freshness and greenery.

Presentation: 500 ml bottle. It has an anti-drip dosing cap that allows serving the oil elegantly and neatly.

Shelf life: 18 months

Storage: Keep it in a cool dry place, out of the direct light to ensure better preservation. 

To elaborate our Neus Especial, we control the whole process: from the tree (since the flowering) until the perfect moment for picking the olives. In October, we start harvesting to produce our Olive Oil Neus Especial.

We pick the olives manually from the tree and they are cold pressed the same day when they have been picked. Once we have obtained the oil, we bottle it without decanting or filtering. For this reason, Neus Especial may have small particles at the bottom of the bottle, which are not a bad feature but a natural process.  

Neus Especial is a very fresh and dense olive oil. Thanks to it, you will discover green olive notes and a wide variety of vegetal aromas such as green apple, green tomato and green almond.

In mouth, it is an olive oil that stands out because of its fruity characteristics, its sweetness and its spicy end. On the whole, it is a complex and balanced olive oil. 

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