Carpaccio of tomato jam and anchovies

If you like the contrast in sweet and salty flavors, you must try this easy and quick recipe (5min)! This dish can be shared in the middle of the table or for individual servings.


Tomato jam

3 units of anchovies (Large size)

Extra Virgin Neus Olive Oil

Parmesan cheese



For this recipe it is important to buy large good quality anchovies, since they will make your recipe more successful. You may find them in some gourmet shops selling fresh products.

Trace a zigzag on a plate with tomato jam using a teaspoon. Then, do the same with the Extra Virgin Neus Olive oil. We suggest you this presentation but you can also cover all the plate with jam to your taste.

Place the anchovies on the tomato jam and add some grated Parmesan cheese over it.

Now it is ready to be served and enjoyed! 

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