Priorat Natur Salad

Quick and easy salad made with natural products and from our house. Perfect for any starter or accompaniment.


1 pink tomato

3 Figs

1 Plaster

1 jar of toasted hazelnuts

1 jar of salted almonds

1 jar of gordal olives

1 jar of Arbequina olive pâté

3 slices of brie cheese

3 crispy toasts


Cut three slices of pink tomato and place them on a plate in an attractive way and on top put a fig cut in half, a few toasted hazelnuts, salted almonds, stucco strips and a Gordal olive in the center. In addition, we will accompany it with some crispy toast placed around the tomato slices and spread them with Arbequina olive pâté and brie cheese. To finish, you need to give the finishing touch with the oil and vinegar cream.

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