Grilled vegetables with romesco sauce

Our artisanal romesco sauce goes perfectly with many types of meat, fish and vegetables. In this case we suggest combining this delicious sauce with grilled vegetables. An easy recipe that won’t leave you indifferent!


Vegetables (such as eggplant, onion, green asparagus and Zucchini)


Neus Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Romesco Sauce



Cook different vegetables on the grill. On this occasion, we have chosen eggplant, green asparagus, onion and Zucchini but you can use the vegetables you prefer the most.

Prepare them to your taste and add them some salt; if you use eggplant, onion and Zucchini, they can be cut into thin slices. While they are on the grill you can add a drizzle of Neus Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

When vegetables are ready, serve them on a plate. You can add the romesco sauce on it as you can see in the picture or serve it separately. Finally, give it a special touch by adding some chopped chives on it.

 Now everything is ready! Enjoy this meal with whoever you want!

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