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Sant Jordi with Priorat Natur

Sant Jordi with Priorat Natur

In Priorat spring is very special time of the year. The lights and smells change, and a whole range of possibilities is awoken thanks to the local traditions and gastronomy.

All to enjoy the delights of Priorat Natur, the sunset, a magical moment to taste salted almonds and accompany them with Rosé Giné from the Buil&Giné winery, an exceptional wine of our region, which will not leave you indifferent. This rosé pairs great with vegetables, fish or meat. And on the 23rd of April, Sant Jordi’s day, it is the perfect wine to toast love.

This is my favourite cultural tradition. Let me explain what this day is about. Sant Jordi is Catalonia’s patron saint. This Saint’s day is celebrated on the 23rd April. It is said that in 1906 Pedro the First named Sant Jordi protector of the Aragon Kingdom nobles. All that we know for sure, is that since the 15th century he has been the patron saint of Catalonia.

From this moment the 23rd of April is the Catalan Day of Love. Traditionally men give a rose to their beloved, and around the 1930s it also became a tradition for women to give a book to their beloved. Since then, it is also known as the Day of the Book.

Sant Jordi is a very special day, it is Catalonia’s patron saint’s day, the Day of Love and also a day of cultural celebration. Don’t you think rosé Giné is the perfect companion while paging through these books? I do! So let’s enjoy this day! Give books and roses, read, celebrate spring, and treat yourselves to a glass (or two)!




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