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Lavender Parade

Lavender Parade

The 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th of August are special days for Falset, as they are the Fiestas Mayores! One of the most representative events is the Lavender Parade, a tradition with which the little ones fill the streets with aromas!


This parade wants to honor the Virgin of August and to remember the time when, at the beginning of the century, the inhabitants of Falset went to the lavender and carried the image of the Virgin of August in the procession, at the same time throwing these herbs in the streets to perfume them…


Today, this tradition has become a representative festival and it is the children who distribute the lavender with a basket through the streets of Falset, leaving its fragrance throughout the village, and, at the same time, are accompanied by his well-known Xaranga, the giants of Falset, the Mulassa and the Somera!


 Source: Canal Reus TV i SĂ


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