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Local traditions

Local traditions

Traditions in Catalonia inspire you to get together with those closest to you, share good moments and build memories that have as a background the warmth of those who you love the most, whether it is family, neighbors, or friends. Holidays such as Sant Joan, Sant Jordi, and Christmas are good examples of such, because there is nothing better than to share these days with the people you feel most comfortable with.

February 3rd is a special day for people in Falset and so it is for us! Here we celebrate Sant Blai on the third day of the shortest month of the year, a saint who protects you from throat pain. During this festivity, the children, together with their neighbors, carry a coc en recapte (savory pastry original from Catalonia) that is almost twenty meters long around the village. In the end, the coc is raffled among the people who are present. Afterward, people are invited to eat fritters and stale and sweet wine.

Sant Blai is the perfect excuse to go out and enjoy local products, that’s why we have decided to create a selection of products that represent what this tradition means to us.


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