Strawberry soup with vanilla ice cream and crocant of caramelized nuts


Ice cream of your choice

Caramelized almonds

Caramelized hazelnuts

Caramelized walnuts


1 Crush the caramelized nuts until fairly fine. You can mix the three types of caramelized nuts to give a special taste or, if you prefer, use just one type of them.

2 Once the nuts are crushed, put a generous amount of strawberry jam in the base of a soup dish.

3 Add two ice cream scoops.

4 Spread the crushed nuts over the ice cream and the jam.

5 Put one piece of caramelized walnut over one of the ice cream scoops to give a better final touch.

It is really tasty! The nuts taste together with the small pieces of sugar and the ice cream is delicious!

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