By Summer's end, the Fall already near, we harvest ‘marcona’ almonds and ‘negreta’ hazelnuts from our orchard as well as walnuts from a handful of trees in the garden. We select the best and keep them under optimal conditions. Then, during the year, and only according to demand, we caramelize them in the customary way of Southern Catalonia, and vacuum-seal them so that they will get to your table in prime condition.


Once the nuts are harvested it's the olives turn. We first select the largest, which, immediately after  they have been gathered, are marinated with fine herbs from the region's forest for the whole Winter. They will be put in jars in the Spring.
Then, without pause, we select the best ‘arbequina’ green olives in order to produce our preferred product: the Neus special olive oil, the prized first press oil that we have learned to appreciate from our elders.
By Fall's end and even into the Winter, we continue harvesting olives, this time, already ripen; the best are used to produce the Priorat Natur olive oil, and the truly exceptional are still reserved for the Neus, the real Priorat gold. 
Then, the hectic but beautiful Christmas time comes. And it is a great pleasure for us to offer a great selection of Christmas gifts based not only on our produce, but also on the Neules produced in town, the wines of the region, the excellent Catalan ‘caves’ and many other first rate products.


After the Winter Holidays, with the first frost already behind us, the pumpkins are ready for harvesting. They are dried for twelve months on ‘canyissos’ (typical flat cane webs), and we prepare ‘Angel hair’ confiture with the previous year pumpkins. It is also at this time that the vermouth, made with white wine infused with fine herbs, is ready to leave the casks and be bottled. With the arrival of the Spring, everything revives, the flowers cover the fields and even invade the forest (rosemary, thyme), ready for the bees to start their work: pretty soon they give us honey, the Montsant, the Romaní and the Cap d'Ase.


When the Spring rains subside, sun and wind ripen the fruits and we must prepare to pick the peaches, the apricots, the tomatoes, the strawberries, the wild blackberries,..…

The intense heat notwithstanding, the Priorat Natur people work hard at hand pealing, crushing and pureeing these fruits, add to them sugar and natural lemon juice, and elaborate jams and marmalades.

A little later the time comes to make Golden apple compote, and this is the first sign that, before we notice, the cycle is about to begin once more.


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