Priorat Natur in the world


 Priorat Natur in the world

In Priorat Natur, we work to produce high quality products, in a professional manner and following the artisan tradition of the region. 100% natural products, with origin and tradition.

We have placed Priorat Natur at the best shops and restaurants in over 14 countries thanks to the constant and serious work during these years and always taking special care of the service, production and presentation of our products.

During this time, we have obtained important recognition from experts on the sector and specialist journals all over the world.

In Priorat Natur, we take part in local, national and international fairs together with our importers and distributors. We organize tastings of our products in the different shops that have our articles, both nationally and internationally.

All this helps us to get every day closer to our clients and know them better in order to satisfy their particular needs.

Sharing this time with our clients is the most valuable and rewarding part of our work. Being able to explain what we do and how we do it in first person, hearing their opinions and seeing how they enjoy our products is the best thing in the world!

The loyalty of our clients, their passion for our products and their confidence in us during these years give us the energy and illusion to continue working with enthusiasm and deliver our products to new markets so that more people can enjoy them.

If you share our way of working and you would like to have Priorat Natur at your shop or restaurant and be a part of our team of distributors and importers, do not hesitate to contact us!