Caramelized hazelnuts

IDEAL TO... salads, incorporated into desserts, combined with cheese, or just all by their delicious self.

These traditional sweet snacks, known as garapinyadas in Catalonia are handmade in small batches just the way grandma used to make them. Because of the labor intensive process, the art of caramelizing nuts is being lost in Catalunya. But  we are bringing it back – and without skimping !

Delicious Negreta hazelnuts that  have been carefully caramelized.  A sweet and original option to enjoy these high-quality nuts! 

Only the best ingredients are used, negreta hazelnuts cooked with sugar and water.



  • 100 gr

    100 gr

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    180 gr

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    350 gr

  • 2 kg

    2 kg

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    2,150 kg

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Ingredients: Negreta Hazelnuts approx. 12mm. they are usually from our country, which are many cultivated in the high zones of Pradell de la Teixeta , sugar and water.

100% natural product

No preservatives or artificial flavors.

Presentation:Glass jars of 120 , 190 and 365 grams with vacuum system.

Food Service size: 2kg in plastic bags with vacuum system and glass jars of 2.150.

Shelf life: 18 months. 

Storage intructions: Please store in a cool, dry and ambient temperature environment for best shelf life results.

Previously nuts are selected for size and quality. They are cooked manually (only 1.700 grams each time) according to a traditional recipe. They are immediately vacuum packed.

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