Toasted and Salted nuts

Toasted and Salted nuts

Toasted and Salted nuts

  • Marcona Salted Almonds

    IDEAL FOR... noshing on but you can also use them on salads, cooking or baking. If you want to enjoy a traditional catalan ‚Äúvermut time‚ÄĚ just take some of our salted almonds,...

  • Toasted "Negreta" Hazelnuts

    IDEAL FOR ...  cooking as a sauce or toasted.  Our hazelnut are just toasted on the right point, enjoy them on their natural way or make a traditional catalan snack combining...

  • Marcona Natural Almond

    IDEAL AS... snack or use them for salads. Toast them in the oven with some fish or meat. You can also fry them with salt, or just make them smoked. Marcona is the name of the...

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